You nailed it, Ryan. Thank you for the shout out!

Games aren't the best environment for engaging with people on a socio-political level. I'm not going into a game expecting to change anyone's political stance, nor is that what I'm looking for when I play a game. As you point out, games are entertainment, and even escapism.

I think that we should be extra cognizant of how we act in activities that are our escape because that's a reflection of true character. The whole point is that you don't have to hide yourself.

So yeah, if people's first inclination is to disrespect people, that's telling of character. If a whole community's inclination is that, we have a problem. Maybe the majority of players who would yell slurs online wouldn't say it to someone's face normally, but does that just mean their bigotry hides until the gloves come off? Not a good look.

I get that sometimes people get mad in games--that's how it goes. But some people need to learn how to tell players they suck without disrespecting who they are.

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